Company Profiles

CONTi is the mix of a specialty coffeehouse and a small retailer of living devices and small presents. We opened our very first area in July 2010. We could not be more pleased about this area with its floor-to-ceiling windows and great deals of natural daytime. We developed a relaxing environment for you, and we hope you enjoy resting on our sofa, drinking tasty coffee and ignore everything that's taking place around you, just for a bit.

What Makes Us Unique

Our objective is it to provide the very best coffee beverages and pastries every day. Which's only possible by utilizing the very best components offered. We only use milk from a local, family-owned creamery. They appreciate their cows, and the milk goes from the cows into the bottles in less than 6 hours. It cannot be any fresher, you can taste the distinction, and it's far healthier for you, too. We only order percentages of food so that it's fresh every day. It is combined with entire spices like cardamom pills, cinnamon bark, and cloves, and is gently covered with honey.

We Care

The hospitality market produces a lot of waste. In one-year Americans use 80 billion to-go cups. We appreciate our environment, that's why we only use compostable and naturally degradable plastic cups and covers for all our iced beverages. Of course, it is costlier for us to purchase them, but we think it is more crucial to safeguard our world, and it is required that all of us start caring now. If you like what you've read you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook to be current with new items, beverages, and occasions.